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Speed Balaclava "Offenbach"

Balaclava is of heavy quality, absorbs moisture well and has a good fit. 95% cotton 5% elastane
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Alfano 7 2T



Lap time to 1/100 sec. Timekeeping by magnetic probe, GPS or infrared (optional)

GPS : Galilleo (EU), Navstar (USA), Glonass (RU), BeiDou CHN +/- 35 satellites. Over 5000 routes are available via GPS

Backlight in 5 colors

1 port (green) for magnet or infrared sensor, speed optional with hub A2194

1 port for speed sensor

1 port (red) for temperature sensors (2nd temperature optional with hub A2180

1 port (black) for modules, data download via USB or battery charging.

6 LEDs for speed display, time and temperature and speed in 5 colors

2 LEDs for signaling the temperature values ​​in 5 colors

1 LED battery charging and downloading.

Sampling rate: magnetic sensor and speed sensor 10/20HZ,/ T2 EGT 10/20/50HZ,/ ANALOG INPUT 5V * 10/20/50HZ,/ LAMBDA 10/20/50HZ,/ RPM 10/20/50HZ

4 operating hours counter 1 for distance

Multiple languages ​​available

Display: 268×128 pixels

Case: 136 x 88 x 33mm

Weight: 435 gr


Power supply: via internal 3000 mA lithium ion battery.

4 operating hours counter and 1 for distance.

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Sensor cable 0-5V

Special cable 200cm for 0-5V sensor connections, must be connected to the Lambda input of the Box12 A1160.- Yellow Wire = Ground (GND)- Red wire = +5V- Green wire = Sensor signal from 0 to +5V
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Water temperature sensor

This NTC technology sensor with a 10mm metric thread can be connected either to the motor head if the motor is equipped with a hole designed to install this sensor or this sensor can be installed on an aluminium durit adapter, ref. A261, A262, A263, A264.Note: this sensor must be used with an extension cable ref. A3301 or a hub ref. A2190.
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USB cable - charge Batt.

Cable for charging the ALFANO 6 battery (cable supplied with the ALFANO 6). Warning: this cable does not work for data downloading.
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Ring with 1 magnets for SPEED

Ring with 4 magnets for SPEED sensor - D: 50mmRing with 4 magnets for axle diameter 50mm for speed sensor A2201.Please note: this ring allows a reaction on the 4x faster speed pick up.
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HUB Mag-Speed

HUB with 2 inputs : SPEED + MAGNETIC - 20cm New model, this Hub A2194 replaces the old model A2192. This HUB allows the simultaneous connection of a speed sensor A2201 (old model) or the A2203 (new model) + a magnetic sensor A1302Note: this HUB is specially designed to connect to the green connector of the PROIIIevo, ALFANO6.
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This module allows the acquisition of pedal and steering wheel movements.- 2 x pedal movement inputs- 1 x flywheel movement input- 3-axis force sensor integrated in the boxing machinequantity of A1204. Box4Move
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