Test your kart engine with us on the Dynoteg test bench

Measuring is knowing!

BeNeDu-Racing is in possession of a Dynoteg test bench. These test benches are known in the market as the best for sale and are therefore also used by many reputable companies that manifest themselves in racing at world championship level. With this test bench we can examine the engine extensively, solve any problems or adjust your engine optimally.

A test bench can be used to test an engine without having to go to the go-kart track. The motor can then be adjusted so that it reaches optimum power under different conditions. Problems such as stuttering when starting off, withholding at constant speed, not reaching top speed or other problems can often be solved. The load during a test run is comparable with driving on the kart track.

What can be measured / adjusted?

Fuel mixture

CO value

Power (PK)

Torque (pulling force)



Overall engine management.

Oil temperature

Water temperature

Oil pressure

Petrol pressure

All measured values ​​such as engine speed, power (HP), engine torque, speed and air / fuel ratio can be read in real time. So we see immediately what your engine does. We can also store all measurement values ​​in a database and generate a test report.

Whether it is a 2 or 4 stroke engine with a thin or a thick chain any kind of kart engine can be on our test bench!

The costs are € 79.95 per hour (ex fuel)

Many of our customers have already indicated that this has been the key to a perfect adjustment of their engine after years of searching for a good adjustment on the kart track!

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