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Speed Balaclava "Offenbach"

Balaclava is of heavy quality, absorbs moisture well and has a good fit. 95% cotton 5% elastane
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Need RK1 engine? at BeNeDu-Racing you will find the RK1 engine.

RK1 is a 4-stroke engine specially developed for karting.
The concept arose from the market demand for a simple and affordable way to enter the world of karting.
The aim of the RK1 concept is to let as many people as possible experience motorized fun on the existing kart tracks in the Netherlands and abroad. Karts equipped with RK1 engines may drive on any existing Dutch go-kart track (see jobs).
RK1 motors are suitable for almost every existing 4-stroke kart chassis. RK1 engines can be used for recreational purposes as well as for official competitions.


We have opted for a quiet introduction in order to be able to cope with technical problems and also to be able to make adjustments. The motors are no longer in a test phase and are ready for consumers. Meanwhile, the engines have already proven themselves for a number of years. RK1 engines are experienced by the market as very reliable.

With effect from the end of 2017, the production of complete engines has stopped. However, you do not have to worry if you want to buy an RK1 or have an engine.
All engine parts are available at BeNeDu-Racing, so your engine needs an overhaul or parts are needed, no worries we deliver everything.

RK1 Big Bore,
This is the larger version of the junior engine, has 18 HP and 180 cc engine capacity. It is therefore possible to convert the standard engine to a larger engine which has more power and thus you will drive faster lap times.

What can the engine be compared to?
In terms of performance, the engine is faster than a Honda390, and the engine has the great advantage of being lighter, making driving performance much better compared to a Honda390.
Also the engine runs more revs which ensures that you get that bit more "race" feeling.


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