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We from BeNeDu-Racing welcome you to our website!
On this website you will find all information about our team, who we are as a person, karts,
motorbikes, racing team, test bench and much more!
The origin of BeNeDu-Racing?
BeNeDu Racing was created by juxtaposing opinions and ideas from Stephan and Jannes. In
the years before, we occasionally came apart from each other under the names Team Biland
or Benelux Racing. However, we were always on the road to go to karting tracks, trade fairs
and other events. That is why we decided at the beginning of 2009 to join forces under a
strong name. Samantha was added to the team at the end of 2009. Each of us has more than
20 years of kart experience! More than enough to support each driver with advice and
In mid-2014 Jannes decided to hang his helmet and activities on the willows, this due to
pressure and obligations in his private life. At the end of 2015, BeNeDu-Racing came into
contact with Patrick Holten, a very experienced mechanic in many areas, after a short period
of time, it was decided to appoint him as the first mechanic at BeNeDu-Racing. At the
beginning of 2018, Marcel Lewald was added to the team as a second mechanic.

Meanwhile, the company has grown into a major player in the market, and we do not only
supply karters at hobby or competition level but also to indoor / outdoor karting tracks.
What do we do as BeNeDu-Racing?
We focus for a large part on both 2 and 4 stroke drivers, we have a warehouse with a very
large stock, we invent new products ourselves, let's produce our own products. Some
examples are the Fighter Kit, Evo ignition, Black Box and many others. Besides parts for 2 & 4
stroke engines you can come to us for a large number of other items here you can think of
tires, overalls, chassis, helmets and many other things. Throughout the years, BeNeDu-
Racing has become a dealer of many high-quality products such as Biland SA250,
SwissAuto250, Panther chains, Arroxx, Speed, Mychron, C-Tek, Arroxx, Eurol, R3 laser
systems and many more brands.
BeNeDu-Racing has its own test bench which is located in a special cab with all conceivable
sensors, it is possible to test with every type of engine on this bench and to find the right
Every year we are at various kart fairs at home and abroad, here we show our new products.
But what we find even more important, we see your karters in a different place than the go-
kart track!
Our website has more than 3000 products which are expanded every week with new
products. Whether it is a bearing for a rear axle or a full engine you can get it with us. In
addition to all this, there is an interactive helpdesk in our webshop so you can ask questions
quickly and easily.
Besides all this, we have our own racing team, with which we visit different series and
provide our riders with the right materials and advice.
BeNeDu Racing

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