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Speed Balaclava "Offenbach"

Balaclava is of heavy quality, absorbs moisture well and has a good fit. 95% cotton 5% elastane
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The Swissauto250 engine is a real 4-stroke racing engine. Especially developed for karting. Karting is actually a real 2-stroke sport, but this is not the best for the environment, for this purpose HELVENCO AG took the initiative in 2008 and developed the Swissauto250, Helvenco is part of SwissAuto which in 1999 had the very successful Biland SA250 developed. The first engine was tested at the end of 2008, with the result that the first engines in 2009 are ringing towards the customers.
The Swissauto250 engine has proven itself over the last 10 years, and we have already arrived at the EVO2 engines, a unique EFI injection system for karting, which achieves a maximum power of 40 hp and 31 Nm of torque. The engine is still available with a 30 or 34 mm carburetor.

The engine is already available for children from the age of 12, and can easily be converted to an engine that has more power.

Type: four-stroke engine with one cylinder and balance shaft
Content: 249.6 cm³
Bore and stroke: 75 mm x 56.5 mm
Piston: forged aluminum
Connecting rod: forged steel with needle bearing
Crankshaft: two-piece, forged steel, ball bearings
Cylinder: cast aluminum with Nikasil coating
Cooling system: water-cooled with internal water pump
Carter: forged aluminum
Lubrication system: dry sump lubrication with diaphragm pump
Valves: DOHC on ball bearing, 4 valves with bucket tappets, timing chain with automatic chain tensioner
Ignition: digital, programmable ECU
Starter: electric starter
Translation: centrifugal coupling with 219 chain

Helvenco AG became the first karting company to introduce an injection system in 2012 to replace the old-fashioned carburetor. The injection now passes indirectly via a syringe nozzle into the injection module for the inlet valve. The required system pressure is generated by the injection pump, which is placed next to the battery. Furthermore, a crankshaft sensor is needed for injection to determine the timing and duration of the injection. The pressure in the intake manifold is determined by means of a MAP sensor to form the fuel / air mixture. The control unit can be programmed with ScanPrex with the EFI system on different software (rich mixture, arm mixture, etc.).

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