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Vampire VT250 Spare Parts
Vampire VT250 Spare Parts

Vampire VT250 Spare Parts

Are you looking for a Vampire VT250? Or parts for this engine?
Many people do not know but all parts for the Vampire are still available. See below if your product is in between. If it does not exist, simply call or email us and you will receive an answer as soon as possible with what the product costs.

Since the appearance at the end of 2005 in Monaco, the competition has remained in amazement. In the early years the Vampire won many competitions on national and international level.

It is a motor with 250cc and 2 overhead camshafts and 4 valves, water-cooled, dry plates clutch, water pump on the rear axle, drive on the outside with a 219 chain, where also a special chain tensioner is available, the exhaust runs outside along so much space on the inside, the engine has an internal crankcase, the Vampire can be driven with a 30 or 34mm DellOrto carburetor, in the setting with the 34mm carburetor the engine is called the Vampire R, behind the carburetor a so-called airbox is placed to reduce the noise of the engine, the camshafts are driven by a distribution chain, an Akrapovic exhaust is used which is of high quality, With a width of only 225 mm, a curb weight of 17.6kg and spicy 36 hp.

In 2008, however, Suter Racing stopped producing the vampire engines. The CIK announced for the first time in 2003 that the introduction of new 4-stroke engines and regulations will become a fact from the end of 2006. However, at the end of 2006 nothing was certain, and certainly no games at all. This meant that the development of this engine was unthinkable because of the stagnating sales figures. Nevertheless, the supply of spare parts for this engine for Suter Racing has always been very important, this is why the Vampire VT250 parts are still available.

In the store we have listed some of the most wanted replacement parts. But of course we also have many more Vampire spare parts in stock. Consult us by mail, app or telephone and we will send you a PDF spare parts list, here all products are described, and are usually available within 1 to 2 weeks.

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