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Speed Balaclava "Offenbach"

Balaclava is of heavy quality, absorbs moisture well and has a good fit. 95% cotton 5% elastane
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RK1 engine complete
  • RK1 engine complete

RK1 engine complete

RK1 motor compleet

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- 150cc
- Four overhead valves
- 15 hp, 10 kW.
- Torque: 14 Nm @ 8500 rpm
- 10,500 rpm
- 12V electric starter
- Dry clutch
- Weight 17.0 kg



RK1 is a 4-stroke engine specially developed for karting. The concept originated from the market demand for a simple and affordable way to step into the world of karting. The aim of the concept is RK1 many people as possible to experience motorized fun on the existing go-karting in the Netherlands and abroad. Karts equipped with the RK1 engines can run on any existing Dutch kart track (see jobs). RK1 engines are suitable for almost every existing four-stroke kart chassis. RK1 engines are used both for recreational purposes and for official matches. Reliability has been chosen for a quiet introduction to possible technical problems to cope and also to make adjustments. RK1 engines are no longer in a testing phase and its consumer ready. Meanwhile RK1 engines already proven a number of years. RK1 engines are perceived by the market as very reliable. Technical RK1 is unlike many other existing 4-stroke engines, very quiet (89 dBA) and has the unique property a perfect speed / power bandwidth. Both properties are today an absolute must for a modern kart experience. Each RK1 engine is electric start and an alternator recharges while driving continuous battery. - Content 150cc

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RK1 motor compleet
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RK1 engine "short"

Without the following parts:Exhaust mufflerExhaust bend mufflerbattery boxWiring harnesscarburetorengine mountMotorcycle clips - 150cc- Four overhead valves- 15 hp, 10 kW.- Torque: 14 Nm @ 8500 rpm- 10,500 rpm- 12V electric starter- Dry clutch- Weight 17.0 kg
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