Biland SA250 Onderdelen

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Biland SA250 Onderdelen

Ben je opzoek naar nieuwe onderdelen voor jou Biland SA250? BeNeDu-Racing is de plek waar je ze vind.

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  • Hot Head Heater

    Hot Head Competition Engine Heaters

    Hot Products Engineering produces the industry’s best American made racing engine heaters using the highest quality components. The Hot Head Heater series of engine heating and engine coolingsystems are light weight, compact and affordable. All into Europe imported engine heaters are conform the EU standards, 220V-50Hz. Our  engine  pre-heaters  help  your  racing  engine  produce  more  horsepower  and  more  torque  while extending  engine  life.  Hot  Head  Engine  preheating  systems  reduce  significally  piston  wear,  piston  ring wear,  engine  bearing  wear  and  valve  spring  fatigue  caused  by  cold  engine  starts.  Important  motorsport tuners  today  design  their  engines  with  pre-heating  as  a  must.  This  allows  very  tight  tolerances  that result in more power. A typical example is the piston/cylinder clearance.  The  cost  of  our  racing  engine  heaters  can  be  quickly  recovered  by  not  wasting  expensive  race  gas  or alcohol fuel during engine warm-up.  Originally  the  Hot  Head  PRO-series  of  engine  heaters  were  designed  for  Touring  cars,  Formula  cars, Rally  cars,  Dragsters  and  Power  boats.  Later  we  also  specialize  in  an  affordable  engine  heater,  the JrPro  unit,  for  motorcycle  based  racers  that  include  Motorcycle  road  racing,  Motorcross  bikes  and Cross  buggies.    The  Hot  Head  JrPro  heaters  also  feature  an  engine  cooling  system  that  protects engines  from  latent  heat  build-up  that  can  damage  an  engine  after  racing.    Our  latest  product  is  the  Hot Head CUBE Heater. An “On-board” pre-heater that is mainly used in karting. rust in the same engine temperature management systems used by:NASCAR,  American  LeMans,  Powerboat  P1,  IMSA,  IndyCar,  DTM,  World  of  Outlaw  Sprint  &  Dirt Late  Model,  USAC,  IMCA,  NHRA,  SCORE,  600  Micro  Sprint,  AMA  Motocross  teams,  Karting  teams, and many, more
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