Karting track Emlichheim

Are you looking for a nice go-kart track? to drive your own kart with ease, for a small amount per month?

Then you are most welcome with us. Do not have your own kart yet? Or would your son or daughter like to see if this hobby is for him or her?

Come and have a look, we are there every Saturday from 13.00 to 18.00.

You can find the go-kart track at Emslandstrasse 68 in Emlichheim.

What can you expect from us at the kart track?

1, "Rent Carting" to see if this hobby is for you.

2, Kinder karting.

3, Children's carts from 6 to 15 years.

4, "Fun Cup" matches, 6 games a year.

5, Karting with your own kart.

6, We also provide company parties on request. On the kart track or on location.


Would you like to go karting for a while to see if it is for you?

No problem, come along on Saturday between 13.00 and 18.00 and you can go karting!

Our address is Emslandstrasse 68 in Emlichheim


What does our job look like?

The track is 500 meters long, and is at least 7 meters wide everywhere. We have a magnet strip so you can see your laps with the Mychron or Alfano.

Has been fitted with new curbstone and safety has been thought about everywhere. Would you like to go karting with your own kart with us?

The course is open every Saturday from 1 PM to 6 PM


Kinderkart lessons:

Would you also like to go karting in a real racing kart on our outdoor track!

Do you also dream of a career in motorsport and you also have speed in your blood.

Are you the one who always dreamed of driving in a real racing kart on the fast asphalt of an outdoor go-kart track. Then we are looking for you !!

Are you between 5 & 16 years old, boy or girl, then sign up and get to know the real tricks of racing.

But also boys and girls who may already have or have been in contact with the kartsport and want to extend their driving skills. Do you own your own kart, but do you still miss the experience and knowledge ?!

We take care of everything for you. From racing card to all accessories. The kart school consists of 12 lessons of 90 minutes. What can you expect from our karting school?

Lesson 1:

Theory: What is a karting school? What do you need? Why a karting school?

Practice: Explanation about the kart, how to get in, brake test, first meter driving

Lesson 2:

Theory: Safety & Race Clothing, what is allowed and not while driving

Practice: Brake test, pit pit drive inside, slalom on the straight

Lesson 3:

Theory: Which flags are all there, what do you have to do before you get off the kart?

Practice: Flags and situations are applied in practice

Lesson 4:

Theory: What is an ideal line? Which ideal lines are all there?

Practice: In practice a number of ideal lines are practiced, flags are practiced again in practice.

And that's how we go from lesson to lesson. The final lesson is a theory and practical exam, here 50% of the things we learned are discussed, and if you know all this well you will get a real "Kart Diploma" at the end.

Would you like to participate? Or do you have any questions, call or app us and we are happy to help you!

You can sign up for the cart lessons by:

Our Facebook page

Phone: 00495943-9853003

WhatsApp: 0031-619822458


Karting with your own kart at Kart Club Emlichheim!

Every Saturday you can go karting with your own kart from 13.00 to 18.00. There are ridden in groups so that the Mini's / Juniors and Seniors do not mix.

This is to ensure the safety of everyone. Cosiness is our priority, just like helping each other alongside the job. On the track we fight hard together, but to the end you are welcome to have a drink or a snack at the bar.

A day of karting with your own kart costs € 10 per Saturday.

Of course you can also become a member of our kart club (KCE) with this you can go for € 10, - per month each and you can go karting every Saturday.


"Fun Cup" Kart matches:

What are "Fun Cup" Competitions?

Low-threshold races, which everyone can ride with, provided his kart meets the safety requirements.

We organize competitions in 3 classes:

1, Cadet / Parolin Rocky

2, RK1 / Honda390 - Briggs and stratton

3, Biland SA250 - EcoMoto - SwissAuto250 - Vampire - GM-Griffon - Rotax-Max - Iame X30 - PRD (SENIORS)

There is a complete championship that counts 6 races. Every match you can earn points with which you can compete for the champion cup.

The points count per match is as follows:

Place 1 - 25 points

Place 2 - 18 points

Place 3 - 15 points

Place 4 - 12 points

Place 5 - 10 points

Place 6 - 8 points

Place 7 - 6 points

Place 8 - 4 points

Place 9 - 2 points

Place 10 - 1 point

The match dates are:

April 14, 2018 - Emlichheim

May 26, 2018 - Emlichheim

June 23, 2018 - Emlichheim

18 August 2018 - Emlichheim

September 16, 2018 - Emlichheim

27 October 2018 - Emlichheim "FINALE"

You can sign up by email, Facebook or whatsapp.

Below you can download the registration form.

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