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Renewed intake manifold V3

Published : 09/10/2022 18:48:52
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Renewed intake manifold V3

Dear RK1 Riders and Mechanics,

A new intake manifold will be available for the RK1 Junior & Big Bore from Monday 19 September.

The current carburettor uses a special carburettor rubber. These break fairly quickly or often have problems with them.

We now have a solution for this, so that you can work with a normal carburettor rubber.

The intake manifold looks like this:

the carburettor rubber is attached to this manifold:

with 2x long clamp:

The complete combination is much stronger and the carburettor rubber breaks much less often.
It is important to know that the manifold has an exchange system, you send your old manifold back to us, and get a new V3 in return.
This allows us to keep costs low and when our manifolds are used up we can convert the manifolds that have come back.

the current carburettor rubber with article number RK1-04042 will soon be discontinued, after it is sold out the above will be the improved package.

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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