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News about RK1

Published : 01/4/2022 21:19:15
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News about RK1

News about RK1

As of January 1, we have set up a new dealer/sales point network. This allows everyone to buy familiar parts again. Dealers can and are allowed to open, overhaul and reseal engines.

You can only go to the sales points for the purchase of parts, engines and advice. These points cannot be sealed in accordance with a regulation.
Of course you can still contact us for all parts, revision or questions!

Do you want to compete with your RK1? This is possible at

The Selling Points are:
Kart Service Brabant - Eindhoven Netherlands - Ton van der Burght

Kartservice van der Spoel - Hoofddorp Netherlands - Dennis van der Spoel

MJ Kartracing - IJsselstein Netherlands - Jan Jonkers

JD Automotive - Tzummarum Netherlands - Johan Dijkstra

Enzo Delanghe Kart Racing - Diksmuide Belgium - Enzo Delanghe

DK-Kartshop - Egelsbach Germany - Dennis Koch

(Are you a kart shop and do you want to become a dealer or point of sale? Please feel free to contact us!)

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