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Breaking News - Relocation BeNeDu-Racing

Published : 10/28/2022 21:26:07
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Breaking News - Relocation BeNeDu-Racing

Breaking News

As almost everyone knows by now, we are busy building at our new location in Coevorden. This is going in the right direction, but unfortunately it is also disappointing when it comes to moving. We had hoped to be able to move the current warehouse cabinets in their entirety to the new warehouse, unfortunately this is not possible. As a result, almost 3,500 different products (a total of 80,000 pieces) have to be placed again on location. This creates a lot of extra work. That is why we have decided to close completely from October 31 to December 11, so that we can clear everything away properly and neatly in our warehouse. (in this period there is no parcel shipping)
From Monday 12 December we will start the package shipment, do you take into account the crowds with us?

Please note that during this period we are also less accessible by telephone, mail and Whatsapp. We would like to ask you to be a little more patient if you do not receive an answer from us within 24 hours.

From Monday 28 November everything will be back to normal and we will be ready for you again!

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