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Kelgate & R3

You have come to the right place for all your Kelgate brake systems and parts!
Of course you also want the best laser system, for this we have R3 for you! Look and convince yourself!

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  • Kelgate Brakesystems

    The Kelgate Difference. Its all about the quality and the detail.
    Cryogenic treated discs. Hart Anodised Calipers. Aircraft Grade Aluminium. Hard Anodised Master Cylinders.
    Steel Braided Brake Pipes. Dot 5 Silicone Fluid. Choice of 3 Grades of Brake Pad. Special high grade machined Seals.

  • R3 Laser Systems

    The R3 laser systems are one of the best laser systems in the world. Are known for their high quality, easy to use. R3 is a laser system that allows you to align around the kart, laser aligners for 428 & 219 gears. A steering lock system. All in all if you want a good laser system would like you've come to the right place for R3 laser systems!

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