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B2B Go Karting

Do you have an indoor or an outdoor track? And are you looking for a supplier where you can order all your parts?

Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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  • Tyres B2B

    Since many years Maxxis produce the well-known Raptor and Enduro karting tyres designed specifically for the needs of the in- and outdoor rental kart market.


    After an intensive development program ( thorough testing with main brand rental karts at different kart circuits in- and outdoor in Europe and the USA ), we herewith proudly present you the best MAXXIS rental kart tyre we’ve ever had! With this successful development achieved, we also have set ourselves a new goal for the future, pursue our passion for innovation to become the best!


    MAXXIS Victor: The first rental kart tyre with racing technology know-how !

  • Rental kart Extreme

    Need rental kart? With us you will find Extreme rental karts.

    Extreme Rental Karts are the result of a careful market analysis, taking into account both the indications of the owner of the rented karts and the customer who runs the kart. We produce a chassis that reduces the technical and aesthetic gap between a rental card and a racing kart and this aspect is even satisfied by the less experienced drivers. The 'entertainment' market is more and more open to innovations and those looking for new opportunities.

    Reasons to choose the Extreme rental card:
    - More safety: the guarantee for maximum safety is essential for the owner of the circuit. Specific work has been carried out in this area. The chassis guarantees the highest levels of safety.
    - Lower maintenance costs: the high reliability of each component significantly reduces the replacement of mechanical parts and accessories, and the benefit is also considerable in terms of labor costs.
    - Better design: the appearance and taste for the "beautiful" are increasingly changing into the decisive buying motives in everything we do.
    - All parts are universal parts, this ensures that the availability of the parts is much easier than with many other brands of rental carts. BeNeDu-Racing has all the products for the Extreme rental karts in stock.
    - Each type of kart is available with a string or chain.
    - Extreme karts come standard with the Maxxis Victor tire, which guarantees good steering characteristics, long life and low costs.
    - The karts are much cheaper compared to other brands, this is due to fewer parts to use, this also saves bitches in maintenance.
    - Compared to other brands, this kart looks more like a "race" kart, which is of course much more fun for your customers.
    - The extreme rental kart is a real Italian product, and as we all know, Italy is the country of karting.

  • Tools B2B
  • Clothing & Helmets B2B

    All prices in this group include 21% VAT.
    if you want to order karting owner outside the Netherlands without VAT, please contact us in advance.

  • Oil & Cleaning B2B

    You have come to the right place for all and lubricants, but also for your cleaning agents.

  • Others B2B
  • Brake parts B2B
  • Bodywork Rental Kart B2B
  • Seats & Accessories B2B
  • Wheels & Accessories B2B
  • Steering wheel & parts...
  • Mylaps
  • Timing & Software
  • Axles & Other
  • Driving group

    Everything about drive belts and chains, but also gears and rim belt discs can be found in this group. We have many types of chains and belts in our range, if you are looking for something but it is not listed, contact us, we can often deliver it.

  • Rimo Kart

    Are you looking for Rimo Kart parts?
    Here you will find a large number of replacement parts.

  • Honda Kart Engine

    All Honda GX kart engines can be found here!

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Showing 1 - 60 of 122 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 122 items

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